Friday, February 5, 2010

The Butler's Service Traits

My friend, Steven Ferry, of the International Institute of Modern Butler shared this with me when he visited a couple of years ago. It's very fitting and I try to adhere to this in my work. Many of the items are good ways to live for anyone!
The Butler's Service Traits
1. Trustworthiness
2. Loyalty (respect privacy)
3. Causing Good Effects Quietly
4. Caring and Can Do
5. Social Graces, Tactful & Mannerly, Gracious, Considerate of Others
6. Discreet, Thinking Twice Before Saying Nothing (maintaining confidentiality)
7. Anticipation: Observation, Knowledge & Inventiveness
8. Attention to Detail, Creating Aesthetic Moments
9. Unflappably Efficient
10. Friendly, But Never Crossing the Line
11. Friendly & Caring for Employees, But Not Familiar
12. Serves, But Not Servile
13. Flexible About Schedule But Punctual
14. Good Organizer, Can Handle Paperwork
15. Daily Review of Performance for Improvement

Steven wrote a book on household management and I really enjoyed it. It's right on and not just a good read for estate professionals, but for anyone who wants to have a well run home.


  1. I have thought, in my younger years that being a Household manager for an entrepreneur w multiple homes would be very interesting!

  2. Definitely great characteristics to have for anyone... looks like an interesting read!!

  3. I think I will have to read this. Not in the market to either hire or become a butler, but it sounds as if there are many good lessons to be learned by reading it, even for we armchair travelers.